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Configuring Visual Studio Code for Remote editing with Drupal

8/1/2020 in Drupal by micah

This post describes how to configure Microsoft Visual Studio Code with Remote FS for remote editing of Drupal projects. It also contains an example workspace settings file for Drupal.


Collapse Text format descriptions on node edit form

12/23/2013 in Drupal by micah
Collapsed text format fieldset

Ever since migrating to Drupal 7, I've been unable to find a way to collapse the text format tips below a text area. On content types with many text fields, this can be really annoying. It was fairly simple to do this in Drupal 6, but the best I could do in Drupal 7 was hide the tips completely, which isn't really great for users that need them. Until now.


O Drupal, where art thou?

11/22/2013 in Drupal by micah

Ever since we switched to using Aegir to manage Drupal deployment, it's gotten a lot more difficult to keep track of which platform each site is running on. This little implementation of hook_requirements() displays the site's host name and Drupal directory in the status report.


Blogrimage 2013 Day 21: Sick Days

3/24/2013 in Drupal by micah

All in all, by the time I was done being sick, I'd missed almost a week of my blogrimage.

That's right. I didn't even touch a computer for four days, so I definitely skipped out on my blogrimage by being sick. This really hasn't worked out as planned.

But I did make some progress tonight. I submitted a patch against the Drush bug I filed back on day 6 or so.


Blogrimage 2013 Day 15: How did I miss two days?

3/19/2013 in Drupal by micah

I'm not sure how I missed two days. I thought I posted something on Saturday, but I guess not.

tl;dr: I time on Saturday building a test web server, did church audio stuff on Sunday afternoon, and did some configuration work on tonight, so there's not much to report on my Drupal 8 blogrimage project.


Blogrimage 2013 Day 12: Where have all the pictures gone?

3/15/2013 in Drupal by micah

When I checked the site today, I realized that all but one of the photos I'd attached to the Summer Vacation story were missing. Not sure what went wrong, but I uploaded and saved them again. Hopefully they'll stay in place this time!


Blogrimage 2013 Day 11: I had a big lunch

3/14/2013 in Drupal by micah

Some days you get a lot done. Some days you go out to lunch with the guys and are a little unfocused when you get back. Well, that's kind of what happened, but today was actually a pretty productive day. Worked through a site upgrade this morning, then got sucked into reading a week's worth of Drupal news (courtesy of The Weekly Drop) and learning a whole bunch of useful stuff after lunch, then digging back into the rest of that upgrade. So no work on other projects today.


Blogrimage 2013 Day 10: Threadbare

3/13/2013 in Drupal by micah

Today's blogrimage exercise was to try to make the site look a little bit nicer. This is by no means a final theme, which is why I named it Threadbare. The name Threadbare is a pun; it's based on the core Stark theme and incorporates the "fabric" of The Green Bag in its background image.


Blogrimage 2013 Day 9: Pictures are Back!

3/12/2013 in Drupal by micah

Ok, first an update for the non-nerds following my blogrimage! Pictures are back on and I finally got around to reformatting the How I Spent My Summer Vacation story from 1999 into a single (readable) page. So the main contents of the site (our family story circa 2004, the history of The Green Bag, and the 1999 summer mystery tour) are all intact once again.


Drupal 7 Display array contents with pager

3/12/2013 in Drupal by micah

This example shows how to generate a render array from an array of data that includes a pager. This example will theme the content as an item_list, but the content section could be parsed and rendered as a table or by any other means, depending on the content of the $rows array.



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