Ok, first an update for the non-nerds following my blogrimage! Pictures are back on TheGreenBag.com and I finally got around to reformatting the How I Spent My Summer Vacation story from 1999 into a single (readable) page. So the main contents of the site (our family story circa 2004, the history of The Green Bag, and the 1999 summer mystery tour) are all intact once again.

Now for the Drupal Nerds

First of all, I tried enabling the Drupal 8 build of the Inline API module, since that's what I used to post pictures in previous iterations of the site. The module enabled, but didn't seem to do anything. I may have to dig around on that one, but I've got my hands full with existing issues for Backup and Migrate module and Drush.

I hit a couple of bugs in Drupal core. Every time I saved edits to the history page, it threw an error about creating the menu item. For the file field, I checked the box to Enable Display field and unchecked the box for Files displayed by default but files are still displayed by default. I didn't have time to go check for open issues on either of these bugs.

Since starting this site, I've left Overlay module enabled for as long as I could. That ended tonight.

I also enabled CKEditor briefly, but I'm still not ready to embrace WYSIWYG editors, at least on this project. I do want to start using CKEditor and the back-ported Spark modules on some Drupal 7 projects.

So far, I really haven't done anything in building this site that's different from working in Drupal 7. I am quickly getting used to the new menus and the improved layout of the node edit form.