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Coffee Notes

I've tried so many coffee roasts in the past couple of years that I can no longer recall which flavors I like and which ones don't suit my preferences. This journal is my personal review. It's very subjective, since it's based almost entirely on personal taste.

  • Honduras - Hyperion Coffee Co Very smooth, medium flavor. First I've tried from Hyperion. Lighter, woody notes that fall somewhere between Costa Rican and Columbian. July 2017
  • Guatemala Huehuetenango - Telemetry Coffee Roasters I need to drink more of this latest purchase from Telemetry (now Orion) before I'm completely settled on a review, but initial thoughts tend again towards the fruity. It's good, but I think I'd go towards the General's Blend, Costa Rica, or Creekside Blend before coming back to this one. April 2017
  • San Francisco Bay Fog Chaser K-Cup Since I'm updating the blog, I might as well include my current standards. This is my current standard, and I order the 80ct box from Amazon. It's full-bodied but smooth and fairly dry, no hint of fruit. I change up with Rain Forest, or even French Roast just to keep from getting tired of this, but I really could just drink this all the time.
  • San Francisco Bay Rainforest Blend K-Cup Since I'm updating the blog, I might as well include my current standards. This is one of my two favorites from San Francisco Bay now. A little more earthy than Fog Chaser, it's a nice change of pace to keep me from getting stuck in one place too long.
  • General's Blend - Telemetry Coffee Roasters Oh my goodness! Best thing I've tried yet from Telemetry Coffee Roasters (now Orion Coffee and Tea). My daughter called it life-changing. Their description is accurate: Full-bodied, dark chocolate, and smokey with a woody finish. April 2017
  • Ethiopia Sidamo - Telemetry Coffee Roasters I only had one cup of this, as a French press, at Telemetry Coffee Roasters (now Orion Coffee and Tea). I should have reviewed this blog before ordering. I've noted before that this is a bit too fruity for my taste, but not as overpowering as Peruvian. April 2017
  • Costa Rican Honey Processed - Telemetry Coffee Roasters This roast from Telemetry Coffee Roasters (now Orion Coffee and Tea) was simply amazing. Very smooth flavor, liked by multiple people who don't typically drink black coffee. I mentioned Costa Rica as a go-to roast back in 2010, and this was equally satisfying. April 2017
  • Creekside Blend - Telemetry Coffee Roasters This blend from Telemetry Coffee Roasters (now Orion Coffee and Tea) was really good, but I don't remember the details now. Will have to review again in the future. (It's still really good!) January 2017
  • San Francisco Bay French Roast K-Cup Who would have thought that I'd be surprised by a bargain brand K-Cup®, but my boss brought me a cup of San Francisco Bay French Roast that he got at Costco and it was really good. The aroma and smoothness were very reminiscent of the Nicaraguan coffee I had a couple of years ago. I don't generally like French Roast because they can tend to be a bit harsh, but this was really mellow. Definitely planning to add this to my shopping list. July 2012
  • Café Pilão (Brazil) Our exchange student brought a bag of (ground) Café Pilão as a gift on her arrival from Brazil. Unfortunately, I didn't learn about cafezinho until after it was gone, so I had it only in pour-overs. This was strong coffee, probably meant to be consumed even stronger and tempered with sugar, and a bit fruity. Had a tendency to sour if left sitting too long, but okay as long as it was consumed while still fresh. August 2011
  • Guatemala Maya Great aroma and flavor. Very close in quality to the Guatemala Antigua. Have not yet tried it in a french press, but the pour-overs are spectacular. September 10, 2010
  • Mexico Chiapas Had enjoyed this coffee before, but forgot how much I liked it. (One of the reasons for this coffee blog.) I've purchased this a few times through the Summer of 2010 and like it very much. Deep, rich flavor. Summer 2010
  • Peru French press was good, but unremarkable, but maybe I messed up the mixture. Pour-over was robust and bold, a bit earthy. Maybe a tad dry, but in the way that leaves you wanting more. (Update: Overall, I'm just not impressed with Peruvian coffee when compared to Costa Rica or Mexico Chiapas.) June 9, 2010
  • Ethiopia Sidamo A lighter roast, very mild. A bit too fruity for my taste, although more earthy in a French press. June 2010
  • Costa Rica A nice roast, rather woodsy. Very enjoyable in a French press. (Update: I think this will replace Moka Java as my go-to roast. Have tried this several times now and it's a very satisfying roast.) May 2010
  • Sumatra Mandheling An excellent roast. Deep rich flavor in both pour-over and French press, but not overpowering. A slightly acidic edge characteristic of volcanic soil, in a very pleasant way. May 2010
  • Jamaican Blue Mountain Blend Perhaps it was the blend, but my first experience with Jamaican Blue Mountain did not live up to the hype. Whatever it was blended with gave it a similarity to the Nicaragua, but with much bolder overtones. May 2010
  • Nicaragua Very subtle, understated flavor in a pour-over. French press exposed all of the subtlety, very delightful. The heavy sediment at the bottom of the cup was not overpowering, but a smoky rich flavor, somewhat like apple-flavored pipe tobacco. Spring 2010
  • Guatemala Antigua Roasted by Eric and Courtney. This was the best coffee I ever tasted. Intoxicating aroma, bold flavor. Spring 2009