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Getting started with Git

9/27/2014 in System Administration by micah

Git is a free and open source, distributed version control system designed to handle everything from small to very large projects with speed and efficiency. HFC has standardized on Git as a method of source control for web management.

This post is an adaptation of internal instructions I've written for the web team at Henry Ford College. I'm reposting it here, because I have too many times when I want to send it to people, and this is the easiest way to do that.


My First Linux P2V

11/9/2007 in System Administration by micah
VMware Console Screen Shot

I just completed my first physical to virtual (p2v) migration of a Linux server. I used cpio, ssh and a rescue CD to migrate an aging server to VMware. Here's how I did it. (I'll try to leave out the steps that didn't work!)

We recently identified several servers that could be migrated to VMware Server, and the first Linux box to be moved is an old Fedora Core 2 box that runs as an instructional Oracle database server. According to the logs, it hasn't been used for student work since last May, so we may be retiring it, anyway.


Another One of Those Microsoft Days

6/28/2007 in System Administration by micah

Okay, this is a silly rant, but Jason Powell said on the Church IT Discussion Podcast to just do it. Blog about something, at least once a week. So here it is...

Last night was another one of those Microsoft days. A friend of mine got one of those cool Treo 700 phones that would drive me crazy, and needed me to come help him get it talking to his Exchange server.


Rudimentary X Sessions on Fedora

9/27/2006 in System Administration by micah
Blackbox and JMeter

I run Fedora Core on the Linux boxen I manage, and in most cases, they're configured for text-only operation. However, there are cases where running X is desirable, but usually remotely and generally not with all the bloat associated with a full desktop installation. (I've got nothing against Gnome or KDE; I just don't need them most of the time.) For this scenario, I generally use Xvnc and the Blackbox Window Manager.

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