All in all, by the time I was done being sick, I'd missed almost a week of my blogrimage.

That's right. I didn't even touch a computer for four days, so I definitely skipped out on my blogrimage by being sick. This really hasn't worked out as planned.

But I did make some progress tonight. I submitted a patch against the Drush bug I filed back on day 6 or so.

For those of you non-Drupal folks reading along, Drush is the Drupal Shell utility. It's a multipurpose tool designed to simplify many of the tasks that us command-line nerds who like to do things the hard way need to manage Drupal sites. People who use Drupal sites never have to see this stuff, and Drush isn't really necessary if you only manage one, or a few, sites. But it's a lifesaver when dealing with dozens of sites on different servers like I do.

I never really dug into the guts of Drush before, but this seemed like a simple issue, so I self-assigned it when I opened it. And it was simple. Except, of course, that it opened up other issues which might not be so simple. So we'll see where this goes next. Letting someone who knows what they're doing decide what should happen next.