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Blogrimage 2013 Day 15: How did I miss two days?

I'm not sure how I missed two days. I thought I posted something on Saturday, but I guess not.

tl;dr: I time on Saturday building a test web server, did church audio stuff on Sunday afternoon, and did some configuration work on tonight, so there's not much to report on my Drupal 8 blogrimage project.

I haven't worked on the site at all since Saturday. Two of my clients have sites on a hosting provider that is skipping PHP 5.3 altogether and is jumping from PHP 5.2.17 to PHP 5.4 with mandatory migration on April 1st. I hope that's a joke, actually.

PHP is a programming language for websites. Drupal is written in PHP. Even Drupal 8, the cutting-edge development version I'm using for my blogrimage project doesn't completely work on PHP 5.4, so hoping to get older versions working -- especially a Drupal 6 site -- is going to be very difficult. I may have to do some arm twisting and give the client the option between switching hosting or paying me hundreds of dollars to try to fix something that might not be fixable.

The point is, I spent some time on Saturday building a test web server that runs PHP 5.4, since none of my existing servers do. All of my servers at work (except for some older ones) run the CentOS distribution of the Linux operating system. It's really stable for running servers, but part of the price for stability is that it uses older versions of things. For my test web server, I loaded Fedora 18. The Fedora project has always been cutting edge, and I haven't really used it since version 6. Version 18 apparently had a lot of changes, so it was an interesting install. But Fedora and CentOS are both in the same family of Linux distributions, so now that it's up and running, I should be in reasonably familiar territory for running my tests.

On Sunday afternoon we went out to dinner for my mother-in-law's birthday, then I went back to the church and processed sermon podcasts for a few hours.

This evening, I got up and running for Pradeepan. The site doesn't do anything yet; that's the other side of by blogrimage, but the domain name is now pointing at the website, so people (including me) can connect to it.

And that's about it for blogrimage days 13-15.