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Blogrimage 2014 Day 21: I Need to Sleep

3/21/2014 in Pathfinder RPG by micah

I didn't get home until late tonight, but before I went straight to work on finishing preparations for tomorrow's game, the family sat down and had a short metagame discussion so I could follow up with everybody on some mistakes I made in last week's play (inconsequential, but worth talking about) and to cover some rules we couldn't find during actual play time.

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Blogrimage 2014 Day 20: Running Out of Time

3/20/2014 in Pathfinder RPG by micah

For the first time since I started this blogrimage, I'm feeling like I'm running out of time to prepare for our Pathfinder RPG game session on Saturday. I was working on it last night, but the power went out three times, and that's tough when you're trying to research things on the computer.

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Blogrimage 2014 Day 19: What Character Would You Be?

3/19/2014 in Pathfinder RPG by micah

Back before I started the blogrimage, and before I discovered the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, I started poking around the internet looking for resources. One of the things I looked for was a character generator, because I figured I'd need one to create nonplayer characters, and I've always been intrigued by good NPCs in general.

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Blogrimage 2014 Day 18: Dipping in the Deep End

3/18/2014 in Pathfinder RPG by micah

I dipped my toe into the deep end tonight. Just a little. I bought the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Core Rulebook tonight. I wish I could say I dropped fifty bucks for the hardcover edition, but no, we went for the $9.99 downloadable PDF version. Having dug around in the online Pathfinder Reference Document for the past couple of weeks, I can say this is definitely an upgrade. 576 pages with beautiful artwork and a lot more depth than just the rules.

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Blogrimage 2014 Day 17: I Want to Play

3/17/2014 in Pathfinder RPG by micah

I want to play. No, not just run a game as Game Master, but I'm also starting to get the itch to play as a Player Character. My wife says we can trade off on GM duties, so that might work out as a future option, but I think my real issue is that I spent some time learning about the alchemist class today, with all the crazy different options you could play that class, and it really got me itching to explore playing the elf huntress that I've (halfway) created as an NPC.

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Blogrimage 2014 Day 16: Withdrawal

3/16/2014 in Pathfinder RPG by micah

Today, I'm going through withdrawal. This is the first time since starting this blogrimage over two weeks ago that we didn't have a Pathfinder game session on both Saturday and Sunday. That, and I didn't really spend much time at all developing anything, although I did take a closer look at a couple of monsters, and reviewed the map I made yesterday to start thinking about where I need to make the rooms bigger to accommodate a six-character team, something I didn't really consider carefully enough on my first draft.

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Blogrimage 2014 Day 15: Zordion in the Graveyard

3/15/2014 in Pathfinder RPG by micah

Today was the first time that we played an adventure that I assembled myself. I did get the idea from a comment in this Beginner Box forum thread, but I worked out the battle map from the map of Sandpoint and planned out the four-stage encounter myself. I based everything on the info in both the Game Master's Guide and the Gamemastering info in the PRD, but I was still nervous how it would all play out.

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Blogrimage 2014 Day 14: The Creative Process

3/14/2014 in Pathfinder RPG by micah

I listened to an interesting podcast today. It was a panel discussion on Developing Pathfinder from the 2013 Gen Con gaming convention. It wasn't what I expected, but it was an interesting look into how the team at Paizo, the makers of Pathfinder, produce their products.

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Blogrimage 2014 Day 13: Constraints

3/13/2014 in Pathfinder RPG by micah

I was chatting about Pathfinder over IM with a coworker this afternoon, and we got onto why we've both wanted to get more into tabletop RPGs. "I love rules," my friend typed, and then he added, "constraints".

I've seen people characterize this type of game by the huge amount of rules that are involved. And it's true, to become truly immersed in game play means buying more books than the typical college student. And if memory serves me correctly, they read a lot like textbooks, too.

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Blogrimage 2014 Day 12: Handing out Homework

3/12/2014 in Pathfinder RPG by micah

I said last night that I felt like I was at the point of constantly doing homework. Well, I decided to share the wealth and assign some homework to my players. I asked them to think about their characters and answer a couple of fairly simple questions. I figured this would be an interesting exercise, because none of them really know anything about the world we're playing in, and only my wife has even played RPGs before.

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