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Blogrimage 2014 Day 21: I Need to Sleep

I didn't get home until late tonight, but before I went straight to work on finishing preparations for tomorrow's game, the family sat down and had a short metagame discussion so I could follow up with everybody on some mistakes I made in last week's play (inconsequential, but worth talking about) and to cover some rules we couldn't find during actual play time. I also updated how we'll continue to use our nonplayer character cleric so that she's more like a team cohort, similar to what's described as part of the Leadership feat. We were basically doing that already, but this way I don't have to pick a side for an NPC in discussions where the GM should be neutral.

So now it's late--later than the publish time on this post will show, because I've been backdating the ones posted after midnight--and I'm still not ready for tomorrow afternoon, but it's late, and I absolutely must sleep.