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Blogrimage 2014 Day 17: I Want to Play

I want to play. No, not just run a game as Game Master, but I'm also starting to get the itch to play as a Player Character. My wife says we can trade off on GM duties, so that might work out as a future option, but I think my real issue is that I spent some time learning about the alchemist class today, with all the crazy different options you could play that class, and it really got me itching to explore playing the elf huntress that I've (halfway) created as an NPC. I say halfway created, because I still haven't had time to wrap my head around all the stats for her animal companion and feats for first level, let alone what hunters can do by sixth level. I need to play this character starting out at first level, or at least add abilities one level at a time, to get a real feel for the class.

No surprise, the info on the alchemist came from a podcast, and they talked about some of the advanced archetypes for this class making good characters for solo adventuring. The new hunter class seems like it is also ideal for solo play. Tabletop RPGs can be played with two or more people, meaning the GM and just one PC, rather than a whole party. I think that would work out in a limited fashion, but the optimal party size seems to be four or so.

Speaking of optimal party sizes, I spent some time this evening redrawing the map I created on Saturday for next weekend's session. We'll have a larger-than-normal party, and I made some of the rooms a little too small. This is probably a good change, because I also made too many rooms and couldn't figure out what to put in all of them. Speaking of which, I'd better get moving on that. I only have a few more evenings to get ready.