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Character Creation Cheat Sheet

Note: This post was written for the First Edition of the Pathfinder RPG. Much of this information is no longer current.

This cheat sheet outlines the character creation process. For more details, see the PathfinderRPG Core Rulebook.

Creating new characters

  1. Ability Scores - p15
  2. Racial Traits - p20
  3. Class Features - p30, APG, UC, UM, ACG
  4. Character or Campaign Traits - APG, Campaign, or Archives of Nethys (pending GM review)
  5. Skills & Feats - pp 86, 112, APG, UC, UM, ACG, ISWG
  6. Equipment - p140, UE
  7. Spells or spell-like abilities
  8. Finish: hp, AC, saving throws, attack modifiers
  9. Favored Class Bonus (1 hp, skill rank, or APG alternate option)


  • Hit Points = HD + CON (max)
  • Touch AC = No armor, shield or natural armor
  • Flat-footed AC = No DEX or DEX-related modifiers
  • Melee attack mod = BAB + STR + Size Mod
  • Ranged attack mod = BAB + DEX + Size Mod + Range Penalty

Level Up

  1. Ability Scores: +1 every 4th level (one score)
  2. Hit Points: HD + CON (rolled)
  3. BAB and Base Saving Throws
  4. Class Features
  5. Skills: Class + INT (+1 for Humans)
  6. Feats: Every odd level
  7. Spells or Spell-like Abilities
  8. Favored Class Bonus


  • Roll hit die for class level being added
  • No favored-class bonus (half-elf can have two favored classes)
  • Combine BAB modifiers for all held class levels
  • Add base saving throws from both classes to your base saving throw
  • Add skill ranks based on class level being added
  • Use character's total levels for Ability Score and Feat progression