The second installment of "let me tell you about my character" is a Pathfinder 1E character, Vrogak, a Tiefling Unchained Barbarian/Brawler that I need to convert to 2E.

I'm choosing to convert him as a Fighter/Barbarian, since that seems to be the best combination to keep the flavor and most-used abilities of the original 1E character. The biggest things Vrogak loses in the transition from 1E to 2E is the Brawler's Flurry of Blows and the Martial Flexibility that allowed him to swap combat feats on the fly, but he regains that as a fighter at level 9.

As before with Alexei, the main reason I'm posting here is because I want to ability to keep revisions on this information.

Ancestry: Human (River Kingdoms)

  • Ability Boost: STR, DEX
  • 8HP
  • Size: Medium
  • Speed: 25
  • Languages: Common, Abyssal
  • Traits: Human, Humanoid
  • Heritage: Tiefling
    • Traits: Tiefling
    • Low-light vision
  • Ancestry Feat: Fiendish Eyes - You gain darkvision.

Background: Street Urchin

Free Ability Boosts

  • STR
  • DEX
  • CON
  • INT

Class: Fighter

  • Trait: Fighter
  • Key Ability: STR
  • 10HP + CON
  • Perception: Expert
  • Saving throws: Fort - E, Ref - E, Will - T
  • Trained Skills: Athletics and (3 + INT) Acrobatics, Deception, Intimidation
  • Weapons:
    • Expert in simple weapons
    • Expert in martial weapons
    • Trained in advanced weapons
    • Expert in unarmed attacks
  • Armor:
    • Trained in all armor
    • Trained in unarmored defense
  • Reaction: Attack of Opportunity
  • General Feat: Shield Block
  • Fighter Feat: Sudden Charge

Other details

  • Alignment: CN
  • Deity: Gorum
  • Age: 30
  • Pronouns: he/him/his


This character is converting to start at level 6. See Treasure for New Characters.

  • clothing
  • TBD

1E gear to convert:

  • Amulet of natural armor +1
  • Armbands of the brawler
  • Composite longbow +1
  • Mwk Studded leather armor
  • throwing nine-ring broadsword +1
  • Scabbard of honing
  • normal supplies

Level 2

Level 3

  • 10HP + CON
  • Raging Temp HP: 4
  • Bravery:
    • Will increase to Expert
    • Success vs fear effects becomes critical
    • All frightened condtions reduced by 1.
  • General Feat: Untrained Improvisation
  • Skill Increase: Diplomacy (T)

Level 4

Level 5

Ability boosts provide retroactive increases to hit points and known skills as defined here.

Level 6 (Current Level)

Level 7 (Planned)

  • 10HP + 2 CON
  • Raging Temp HP: 9
  • Battlefield surveyor: +2 Perception for Initiative
  • Fighter Weapon Specialization: +2 damage with weapons
  • General Feat: Entourage
  • Skill Increase: Diplomacy (M)

Level 8

Level 9

  • 10HP + 2 CON
  • Raging Temp HP: 11
  • Ancestry Feat: TBD
  • Fighter Combat Flexibility: Swappable feat per day.
  • Juggernaut: Fort increase to Master, all successes are critical.
  • Skill Increase: Deception (E)

Level 10

  • 10HP + 3 CON + 10 CON Boost
  • Raging Temp HP: 13
  • Ability Boosts:
    • STR (20)
    • CON (16)
    • INT (14)
    • CHA (19)
  • Language: TBD
  • Skill increase (retroactive): Intimidation (E)
  • Class Feat: TBD
  • Skill Feat: Sow Rumor

Character motivations

Back story

When Vrogak’s older siblings were born, his father’s house was convinced that their fiendish bloodline had finally been bred out of them. There had been no sign of the curse in two generations. Their hopes were shattered when Vrogak emerged from his mother’s womb, bringing with him the faint smell of campfire and sulfur, the small bumps of horns clearly visible above his tiny brow.

Vrogak’s traumatic birth did not kill his mother, but she was never the same mentally or physically. His father, enraged by the return of the curse, disowned and cast out his youngest son. Left to make his own way in the slums of Daggermark, Vrogak battled and scraped his way through a life of petty crime until he discovered that mercenary life paid better.


  1. Rescuing this princess will bring a good reward, but patience may lead to the greatest pay-off.
  2. My current companions may be frustrating at times, but our combined skills can lead to great victories.
  3. I will strive to learn every edge I can muster in order to deal maximum damage during every fight.

Past Beliefs

  • Whoever brought me here and took my memory must be found. If they caused me to lose a job, they must pay. (Resolved by accepting rescue mission.)
  • Rescuing this princess will bring a good reward. We must work quickly to receive maximum payment. (Modified by patience.)
  • Reliance on others is the fastest way to defeat. The only true course is to make it on my own. (Resolved by learning to work with others.)
  • This plant-talking catfolk might be crazy, but she has also been right most of the time. I must try to learn how her abilities can benefit me.


  1. A subdued adversary is easier to question. Fight first, ask questions later.
  2. Always take the option that leads to greater monetary reward.
  3. Stay silent or speak your mind. Do not waste time on empty words.

The Six River Freedoms (ISWG pp162-163)

Vrogak does not always follow this code, but he knows it well as the legacy and lore of his homeland.

  1. Say What You Will, I Live Free: Talk is cheap, and everyone is entitled to speak their own words.
  2. Oathbreakers Die: Those who swear oaths—particularly those of fealty to a River King—and break them can expect any number of painful and lethal fates.
  3. Walk Any Road, Float Any River: Freedom to travel is fundamental. No River Kingdom is allowed to bar traffic on a river or a road, save in times of active warfare.
  4. Courts Are for Kings: The law is always malleable. Who you know and who you can count as friends are more important than what the law says, and a lord can change laws in his territory at will.
  5. Slavery Is an Abomination: Slavers may visit the River Kingdoms, but taking or holding slaves there upsets the many people who were once slaves themselves.
  6. You Have What You Hold: Property laws are weak in the River Kingdoms. Taking something openly by force is different from stealing, and those who can’t protect their property don’t deserve to keep it.

Vrogak's Journal

(Vrogak does not always take good notes.)

Scout's Bog - 7/10/16

  • Nice - Marble and stone, redwood rails and trim
  • Grippli - Frog People
  • Mayor Bibbs
  • His brother, Jibs
  • Also Half-orcs in populace
  • Grub - bartender at the Ale’d Scale
  • Lizardfolk and Vishkanya taking over town
  • Grimm - big lizardfolk
  • Korn
    • is being held at one of the inns, possibly being moved around.
    • at inn where we had dinner, Vrogak noticed bartender and one of the lizardfolk sitting at the bar seem to have the keys for the place.
  • Bob the Armorer
  • Missing Library Books
    • Royal History
    • Caves and Known Dungeons

Scout's Bog - 8/6/16

  • Fought Grimm and henchmen, rescued Korn, found evidence.
  • Exiting inn through trap door, heard sound of fighting and see Grimm heading up ramp to city level.


  • Lizardfolk lumber mill
  • Library books
    • Grimm was going to ship the books to Osagath.
  • Ledger entries - Osagath
  • Royal family built Mirage City - traveling city
  • Note in sawmil from Osagath - shipment on time or bigger problem than frogs.

Welcome to Osagath - 9/18/16

  • Bigger Town; Merchant’s Town

Pay for jobs at lodge - 10/16/16

  • Lord Agron

Pay for jobs at lodge - 1/22/17

  • Bandits Assignment
  • Missing hunter found in cave
  • “The Shadow Drake” helped in the cave, I guess... is he The Baron?

The Undersprawl - 2/19/17

  • Investigating The Undersprawl under park near docks.
  • Tracked potential smugglers here.
  • Fought mimic in dead-end tunnel.

The Undersprawl - Bone Giant - 3/19/17

  • Found and operated bridge over chasm.
  • Fought metallic ooze and bone giant.