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State of Drupal 2011 survey

8/8/2011 in Drupal by micah

I just finished taking the State of Drupal 2011 survey, and if you use Drupal in any way, you should, too. I thought I'd share some of my responses here, where I can also expand on them without getting too long-winded for a survey.

Drupal core provides stability. Drupal contrib provides agility. Core development should focus on building a well-written, reliable, secure platform with critical APIs that everyone can use. Contrib can extend core in many directions. Distributions, install profiles, and - more importantly - good cookbooks and tutorials can alleviate potential confusion about what contrib modules can work together to build great sites.


Drupal 7 on Microsoft Windows Server

1/6/2011 in Drupal by micah
MSSQL Server Management Studio with Drupal Tables

It may seem odd that I spent Drupal 7 release day installing Drupal on a Microsoft server platform, but that's what I did. Honestly, the timing was coincidental. One of my current projects has been to stage up a new Windows 2008 Server to replace an aged Windows 2000 web server, and yesterday just happened to be the day that all of the pieces fell together.

The existing server runs Classic ASP code that talks to both SQL Server and Oracle, sometimes on the same page, and can export data to MySQL via DTS packages through an ODBC connection. There are also a few existing PHP pages in the mix, so the original server is complete soup. The long term goal is to migrate the site to Drupal, but some of the ASP back-end code is so specialized that the only way it will get migrated is to write it as custom PHP code usng Drupal APIs.


Creating a Simple Link List with CCK and Views

9/17/2008 in Drupal by micah

Note: I've updated this tutorial for Drupal 6 in this post on the Geeks and God website.


Simple hook_form_alter Module for Drupal 5

9/17/2008 in Drupal by micah

Note: I've updated this tutorial for Drupal 6 in this post on the Geeks and God website.

This example "mysite" module demonstrates hook_form_alter. There is a lot of good info out there about hook_form_alter, but I found very few examples that put all of the pieces of custom module creation together in such a simple way as this.


Drupal rsync backup scripts

9/2/2008 in Drupal by micah

There are a lot of other backup scripts for Drupal on the web, but I promised somebody I'd post mine in response to this week's episode of the Geeks and God podcast. There are variations based on how the different servers are set up, but here's a basic summary of how I do it.


Drupal Adoption Issues for Churches

7/19/2008 in Drupal by micah

Matt Farina recently posted a question on FriendFeed about increasing adoption of Drupal among churches.

I'm wondering how we can make Drupal easier for churches to adopt. Drupal for Churches distribution? Documentation targeted at churches? Thoughts?


Drupal 6 Released

2/15/2008 in Drupal by micah

Drupal 6 was officially released this week! When I started my current Drupal installation series, I said that Drupal 5 would be around for a while, and I wouldn't jump to Drupal 6 right away. To be fair, I haven't tried out Drupal 6 at all yet. It looks like a very exciting release, and there are many improvements over previous versions. For simple sites that can use mostly core modules, Drupal 6 is probably the way to go at this point.


Why I Chose Drupal

9/12/2006 in Drupal by micah

What led me to choose Drupal as a website platform? To answer that, I first need to explain what led me to choose a Content Management System (CMS) in the first place.



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