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Blogrimage 2013 Day 22: Why I'm not asleep

Did I mention yesterday that I've been sick for a week? I thought so. Then why am I still awake tonight? Working on the blogrimage, of course. For the next couple of days, I'm putting my Drupal 8 blogrimage aside and focusing on the site that I told Pradeepan I'd help him build for this. And by help, I basically mean, do it, because it involves figuring out all kinds of really finicky Drupal modules that don't work as advertised.

tl;dr: Go check out with the understanding that it's not done yet!

What's that you say? Ok, I built this site back on day 2, but there were delays getting the domain name set up. My hope was to do all the work out in the open, so that's where we've finally made it. This is supposed to be a showcase site to bring together everyone's blogs and showcase them. That's not going to be particularly easy, because of the different ways each site exposes content.

All I've done so far is make it so the site can read a handful of blogs and show their content, with links back to the original post. We have some major formatting issues to fix on Pradeepan's blog. Can you say, "paste from Word"? So that's it for tonight. I really gotta crash now!