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Blogrimage 2013 Day 7: A patch for Backup and Migrate

Today I spent a little time digging into the bug I reported in the Backup and Migrate module as part of my Drupal 8 blogrimage. Doing so, I started to see how modules will need to change to use the new Configuration Management system.

Before configuration management, you would simply use variable_get() to retrieve a setting from the variables table:

$private_path = variable_get('file_private_path', FALSE);

Now, you retrieve this path by creating a config() object and then using the get method to retrieve info:

$config = config('system.file');
$private_path = $config->get('path.private');

I submitted a patch that uses this new syntax to fix the error about missing private file settings, but there are more changes that need to be made before this system actually works again, so that patch won't be the final one that gets added to this module. The commitment to submitting a patch a day was a little too stringent, since I need to spend some days just learning, but it looks like I'll be generating a lot of bug reports and patches getting my site up and running, which is what I'd hoped.