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Blogrimage 2013 Day 4: Installing Drupal 8

Well, I spent some time going through various issue queues and looking at various problems, but didn't find anything that I could readily write a patch for. My chosen blogrimage challenge may turn out to be more difficult than I thought. I didn't really make any progress on the Blogrimage website, either. I have some ideas that should make the next couple of days a bit more productive.

Rather than allow today to be completely unproductive, I took the time to install Drupal 8 for the first time today. Drupal 8 reached feature freeze a couple of weeks ago, and will be debugged and polished until it is ready for release sometime near the end of this year. Although I'd hoped to spend time during this blogrimage working on contributed modules, it looks like I may also need to dig into Drupal 8 core in order to get back on pace with creating a patch a day.