Technical blog and writings by Micah Webner.

Rudimentary X Sessions on Fedora

9/27/2006 in System Administration by micah

I run Fedora Core on the Linux boxen I manage, and in most cases, they're configured for text-only operation. However, there are cases where running X is desirable, but usually remotely and generally not with all the bloat associated with a full desktop installation. (I've got nothing against Gnome or KDE; I just don't need them most of the time.) For this scenario, I generally use Xvnc and the Blackbox Window Manager.

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Why I Chose Drupal

9/12/2006 in Drupal by micah

What led me to choose Drupal as a website platform? To answer that, I first need to explain what led me to choose a Content Management System (CMS) in the first place.

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About Chacadwa!

6/21/2006 in Life Online by micah

I am overconnected. I have too many inputs, and too many outputs, and yet, there are things that I have to say that don't fit any of my existing outlets, and so I have created When I first started this site, I wasn't sure what it was going to contain. As time has gone on, it has turned out to be my technical blog.

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