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Jason Powell and others on VMware Server

9/27/2006 in System Administration by micah

I've become a strong advocate of VMware Server. I composed this collection of links back in June to give a coworker some background info.

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Rudimentary X Sessions on Fedora

9/27/2006 in System Administration by micah

I run Fedora Core on the Linux boxen I manage, and in most cases, they're configured for text-only operation. However, there are cases where running X is desirable, but usually remotely and generally not with all the bloat associated with a full desktop installation. (I've got nothing against Gnome or KDE; I just don't need them most of the time.) For this scenario, I generally use Xvnc and the Blackbox Window Manager.

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Why I Chose Drupal

9/12/2006 in Drupal by micah

What led me to choose Drupal as a website platform? To answer that, I first need to explain what led me to choose a Content Management System (CMS) in the first place.

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Notes On Restaging Your Computer

9/12/2006 in System Administration by micah Two years ago, I worked on a family member's computer. It was so messed up that I couldn't fix it, so I reloaded Windows and started over. (This was anticipated, so they'd backed up their data ahead of time.) I saved the email that I wrote, intending to post it somewhere. Here's a copy, updated a little for the two years that passed. read more

Microsoft Genuine Disadvantage

7/3/2006 in System Administration by micah

I've been reserving opinion on the whole Microsoft Windows Genuine Advantage bruhaha, but I'm a little irked this morning. Working four day weeks in the summer doesn't mean I don't sometimes need access to my workstation back at the office, but Automatic Updates seems to put a kink in that plan from time to time. Updates that require a reboot (while I'm logged out, mind you) tend to lock out any further remote access to my workstation, and it will sit there deaf dumb and blind until I move my mouse on Monday morning.

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Top 100 Network Security Tools

6/22/2006 in System Administration by micah

Nmap author Fyodor has compiled a list of the Top 100 Network Security Tools, as tabulated in a survey of nmap-hackers mailing list members. I remember when the previous lists were published in 2000 and 2003, and each release has led to my discovery of new tools, or reminded me that it's time to go back and revisit some old ones.

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About Chacadwa!

6/21/2006 in Life Online by micah

I am overconnected. I have too many inputs, and too many outputs, and yet, there are things that I have to say that don't fit any of my existing outlets, and so I have created When I first started this site, I wasn't sure what it was going to contain. As time has gone on, it has turned out to be my technical blog.

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Virtual Announcements Abound

4/3/2006 in System Administration by micah

Big news today from three top players in the server virtualization market: Microsoft, XenSource and VMware.

As el Reg so eloquently states the matter: "Prepare ship, prepare ship for ludicrous speed."

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