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Instant Messaging - Friend or Foe?

6/16/2007 in Life Online by micah

I was recently asked about installing instant messaging clients to allow young teens and pre-teens to join the online chat community. The main question was whether or not the client software was safe. This entry is my response to the question, because I don't think this question holds a simple answer. In today's Internet culture, safety has many different meanings. Because there are unpleasant people who would like to exploit vulnerabilities in our software, there are certain things we need to do to keep our computers safe.

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Rudimentary X Sessions on Fedora

9/27/2006 in System Administration by micah
Blackbox and JMeter

I run Fedora Core on the Linux boxen I manage, and in most cases, they're configured for text-only operation. However, there are cases where running X is desirable, but usually remotely and generally not with all the bloat associated with a full desktop installation. (I've got nothing against Gnome or KDE; I just don't need them most of the time.) For this scenario, I generally use Xvnc and the Blackbox Window Manager.

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Why I Chose Drupal

9/12/2006 in Drupal by micah

What led me to choose Drupal as a website platform? To answer that, I first need to explain what led me to choose a Content Management System (CMS) in the first place.

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About Chacadwa!

6/21/2006 in Life Online by micah

I am overconnected. I have too many inputs, and too many outputs, and yet, there are things that I have to say that don't fit any of my existing outlets, and so I have created When I first started this site, I wasn't sure what it was going to contain. As time has gone on, it has turned out to be my technical blog.

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