Technical blog and writings by Micah Webner.

About Chacadwa!

I am overconnected. I have too many inputs, and too many outputs, and yet, there are things that I have to say that don't fit any of my existing outlets, and so I have created When I first started this site, I wasn't sure what it was going to contain. As time has gone on, it has turned out to be my technical blog. For the personal stuff, try my relatively quiet blog on, or my periodic rumblings on Twitter and Tumblr.

Your first question is probably the meaning of chacadwa. It sounds so bold, yet mysterious. I had been thinking about registering a new domain, and one day I needed to create a password using apg, a utility to generate random, yet pronounceable, passwords. One of the list looked like a cool domain name, so I ran apg several times until I had a list. Later, I had my wife help me pick one from the list, and we both decided we liked best. It's fun to say.